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Game-setup – Devblog # 3

Game-setup is almost finished, the UI elements are not final and are subject to change but i’m feeling good about the progress. Next what i want to work on is hand management with preview of the card. next month or the month after that i would like to setup a Steam page for the game.…
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No Devblog – Devblog

I didn’t work much on Sapphire dungeon last month so I didn’t make Devblog. I think I was overthinking the map generation. So this month I want to refocus back on the digital version of the game as testing is now out of the question (due to covid). 

New map generation – Devblog # 2

First to clarify how it worked before, you would draw generation cards that have 3×3 size grid with card locations. 5 cards are always placed in the + symbol at the start of the generation then you would join grids from your generated cards to other grids with the lowest number going from the furthest…
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Starting work on computer version – Devblog #1

This month i started work on computer version. I’m using unreal engine 4 as platform as i’m most familiar to my, i using UE4 in my day job so it should be no problem for me to reproduce all mechanic from the board game good quality. Right now it is just done map generation and…
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Website is live and beta sign up is open

After some time making Sapphire dungeon privately, we believe it’s time to start showing the game publicly and get some feedback. Right now pre-alpha of physical version is almost ready for testing by others and we will start showing it in local board-games convention. Also after new year we are planning to start monthly blogs…
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