A group of ordinary friends with each there own personality going into depths of Sapphire dungeon.
Each expecting something slightly different...


Collect weapons, armour and gold that helps you defeat your enemies

Deck build

Customize your character by deck building


Explore randomly generated map with its rewards and challenges


Unique non-linear player interaction gives freedom of choice

Latest News

Monthly blog and important events

Game-setup – Devblog # 3

Game-setup is almost finished, the UI elements are not final and are subject to change but i’m feeling good about the progress. Next what i want to work on is[…]

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No Devblog – Devblog

I didn’t work much on Sapphire dungeon last month so I didn’t make Devblog. I think I was overthinking the map generation. So this month I want to refocus back[…]

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New map generation – Devblog # 2

First to clarify how it worked before, you would draw generation cards that have 3×3 size grid with card locations. 5 cards are always placed in the + symbol at[…]

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Our Team

Jan Mrázek

Game designer

Radek Mrázek (Arbolus)

Graphic Artist

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