Starting work on computer version – Devblog #1

Board game

This month i started work on computer version. I’m using unreal engine 4 as platform as i’m most familiar to my, i using UE4 in my day job so it should be no problem for me to reproduce all mechanic from the board game good quality. Right now it is just done map generation and some game preparation. I’m hope it will also give me some more insight into problems solutions and improvements that Sapphire dungeon needs, after AI implementation it might help me with game balancing as it is now difficult as game testing are few and far between.

Speaking of game testing we have tested the Sapphire dungeon me and some of my friends, reviling some flaws with random generation of the map. random generation is great as it makes each season different but currently the map is too large and it must be changed in future, to be smaller but still must give players enough loot to kill the boss. my current thoughts on some route that i might take to remedy this problem are: making the cards smaller – by this i mean cutting the art from location, but i’m not fan of that as it is the thing that makes the cards feel unique. making cards less spreading- changing the generation to be more squarish orienting around middle, but i feel like this would make the map looks sameish making the generation useless as it would feel like it could just be a set size. So really, nothing good comes to mind, how to resolve this issue, but it must be resolved so i have keep thinking about it.

I made new backs for locations. the old ones were ugly, so this ones are, i hope , an improvement. icons on locations are square to distinguish there type to other cards that can be drawn by player (those have circular icons).

I also realized that i don’t do great job at communicating what Sapphire dungeon actually is. i mean i know all the mechanics and how it works but i realized i have to figure out why it this game special, why should you play it, or something that best says how it feels to play Sapphire dungeon. i already replaced old title “new dungeon crawling game” to “A group of ordinary friends with each there own personality going into depths of Sapphire dungeon.
Each expecting something slightly different…” which is little bit long but i feel overall better.

Next month i want to focus on improving or more likely overhauling the map generation.

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